Future Technologies Digital Innovation Hub


Future Technologies Digital Innovation Hub

Future Technologies Digital Innovation Hub (FTDIH) was established to achieve a common goal and synergy effect, combining the high competencies and expertise of Visorių DIH and AgriFood Lithiania DIH members in various market verticals, mobilizing technical, social and financial capital.

Objectives of establishing FTDIH:

  • To accumulate cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary knowledge in one system.
  • Strengthen the R&D&I infrastructure by combining hardware and software;
  • Diversify services to cover more sectors of the economy;
  • Grow the ecosystem by involving more participants and partners;
  • Expand the geography of activities, strengthening international cooperation.

FTDIH is a multifaceted entity providing a wide range of services, bringing together digital technology solution makers and developers to provide their services and products to operators in a variety of fields: agriculture, food, photonics, laser and optical technology, aerospace, engineering, medicine, energy, publishing, science and other fields.

The mission of FTDIH is to promote the digitization of the Lithuanian economy by combining cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary knowledge, to find and offer the most suitable digital solutions and its implementation methods.

The vision of FTDIH is to become a strong cross-sectoral DIH in North-Eastern Europe, promoting the digitization of the economy, combining cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary knowledge, finding and proposing the most appropriate solutions and their implementations.


FTDIH has competencies in these digital technologies:

3D printing

Automation technologies

Internet of Things systems

Cloud deployment

AI solutions

Production equipment controllers

Enterprise resource management systems

Information switching networks

Smart sensors

Cyberphysical systems

Operational production management systems

Robotics technologies

Workplace digitization solutions

Horizontal integration solutions

Digital engineering solutions

Development, implementation, application of digitization-based business models

Intelligent maintenance and servicing services

Technological, digitization audits

Vertical integration solutions


Principles of FTDIH operation

Meeting market needs in digital technology
Accumulate and disseminate knowledge about digital innovations
Mediate and promote the exchange of innovations
Provide access to innovative digital technologies
Look for funding sources
To teach, instruct, consult
Develop international cooperation

Case Studies

Member innovations

Hyperspectral imaging for precision agriculture

Challenge: rising market and environmental pressures for sustainable crop management and efficient farming resource use.

Client profile: large farms and agriculture companies, including Agrokoncernas Group – the largest agroindustry holding in the Baltic states.

Solution: applications of AI analytical techniques for hyperspectral image analysis of crop plants. Enabling remote plant nutritional state assessment and early stage disease recognition using aerial field scanning. Data integration with smart machinery for sustainable and efficient agrochemical use.

Innovation provider: ART21

Distributed algorithm processing infrastructure

Challenge: enabling and fostering implementation of new data processing algorithms in agriculture and food sectors.

Client profile: digital AgriFood startups and data analysis solution providers.

Solution: R&D of innovative cryptographic solutions for applications in AgriFood Tech. Implementation of distributed and decentralized data processing infrastructure that ensures accessibility and usability of advanced data processing algorithms while maintaining their privacy and ownership.

Innovation provider: ART21

6U nanosatellite bus M6P

Challenge: modular and highly integral satellite bus to provide extended payload volume and saves development costs.

Client profile: IoT, M2M, ADS-B, AIS, other commercial and emergency communication applications, and scientific missions.

Solution: flight-proven 6U satellite bus based on a modular and highly integral design. M6P satellite bus enables customers to concentrate on the most important mission goals and deal with high-level mission implementation tasks only, such as payload development, integration, and support during the mission in orbit.

Innovation provider: NanoAvionics

Food integrity with AI and Raman spectrometry

Challenge: food product and beverage integrity assessment at various supply chain stages.

Client profile: new service development for governmental import and food control authorities, food manufacturers and supply chain companies.

Solution: enabling widespread applications of Raman spectrometry in the food industry by applying Machine learning and AI analytical techniques for spectral data analysis. Enabling fast, non-invasive and on-site assessment of food and beverage quality, safety and authenticity.

Innovation provider: Spektrolabas

SkyLaTeX web solutions for authors

Challenge: inefficient and time-consuming publishing and research processes

Client profile: publishers and authors

Solution: SkyLaTeX - a new innovative solution for authors based on LaTeX online compilation technology. Technology enables the use of LaTeX for authors in a wider scope in the production cycle. Based on this, we are developing promising services in the publishing market of heavy math content.

Innovation provider: VTeX

Implementation of the continuous monitoring system in Hydrogen Production Plant

Challenge: rising demand for a low cost emissions monitoring solution designed to operate in a general purpose, environmentally controlled shelter or cabinet.

Client profile: NOX reduction sites at Refining, Hydrocarbon Processing and Chemical Plants

Solution: SiemTecha carried out the implementation of gas analysis systems and control solution - a continuous emission monitoring system at a hydrogen production facility.

Innovation provider: SiemTecha



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